David Hulme and Dr. Meredith also reject important aspects of God's government in the Church.  Government is the truth Mr. Armstrong said was in a sense the most important one he had been sent to restore to the Church, because all the other restored truths would be gravely jeopardized if this one were compromised.  Both groups reject Mr. Armstrong's spiritual judgments regarding makeup and tithing (gross), as well as other doctrine.


David Hulme's “correction” of Mr. Armstrong's healing doctrine, including its relationship to the Passover, is essentially identical to that enacted by the Tkaches in 1987-88; the Tkach doctrine was substantially the same as that advocated by Garner Ted and other “liberals” in the seventies.  After his wife was diagnosed with a potentially fatal illness, Mr. Hulme called for a church-wide fast to ask God for “better understanding” of the healing question than Mr. Armstrong's doctrine offered; Hulme's rebellion centered on Mr. Armstrong's general rejection of medical treatment as contrary to faith in God's promise and Christ's broken body (I Cor. 11:27-30; I Pet. 2:24).  Mr. Hulme set the fast for Sabbath, January 16.  His wife died shortly after the fast/Sabbath began.  Reportedly her doctor's prognosis did not anticipate her to be on the verge of death at the time.  Mr. Hulme subsequently enacted his “correction” of Mr. Armstrong's doctrine.


Dr. Meredith's healing doctrine, while marginally different in words, is essentially identical to Hulme's in substance: seeking full-scale medical treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, medicines, etc.) is actually called wise, rather than contrary to faith in God as our Healer.  United's healing doctrine is the same as Mr. Hulme's.


Mr. Hulme was appointed a telecast presenter by the Tkaches, contrary to Mr. Armstrong's direction. They then ordained Mr. Hulme an evangelist, and for several years of the apostasy the Tkaches considered him to be in agreement with them.


Mr. Armstrong removed Dr. Meredith from high Church administrative office some years before his death and never reinstated him to any such office, though he remained a professor and a member of the Advisory Council of Elders.  Not necessarily related, certain actions Dr. Meredith took as head of the ministry embroiled the Church in a very lengthy, extremely expensive lawsuit that became an additional burden for Mr. Armstrong in his last years.  In his final months, Mr. Armstrong specifically rejected Dr. Meredith as a telecast presenter even though the Church television department chose him.


Many may recall that Dr. Meredith's church suffered a nationally publicized tragedy a few years ago. Mass murder occurred at Sabbath services and the pastor was one of the victims.  It is said the church lost a number of members after this tragedy.