Mr. Hulme and Dr. Meredith, just like United's “government by committee,” claim more accurate overall understanding of God's Truth than Mr. Armstrong, even though they received almost all of what they still believe is true directly from Mr. Armstrong.  Very instructively, both Hulme and Meredith disdained Mr. Armstrong's teaching that any form of democratic rule is anathema in God's Church government, both issued pompous explanations to their people of how Mr. Armstrong was wrong in this regard, then both (in the same year) were humiliatingly voted out of office in the organizations they originally founded/headed after leaving the WCG.  Both were shocked to find that key subordinate ministers and officials they trusted turned on them in a very short time.  Both lost thousands of sheep in the schism, and since then neither one’s membership or “work” have ever recovered to any meaningful degree, much less demonstrated anything like “blessing.” Mr. Armstrong prophesied that exactly such “fruit” would be reaped if Church government were compromised.



Gerald Flurry and David Pack


The two other splinter organizations of any size/recognition are substantially different and potentially more correct overall than the three just discussed, as assessed by the “plumb line” of Mr. Armstrong's teaching (Zech. 4:10).  They both formally reject all the doctrinal changes of the Tkach era, in stated recognition of Mr. Armstrong's office and successfully completed commission of “restoring all things” in God's Church.  Mr. Armstrong revealed that this means all the Truth originally given to the Church in the Ephesus era, much of which was lost over the centuries.  This vital understanding is truly the key to the mystery of the disintegration of God's Church since Mr. Armstrong died, and the key to the Church's restoration.  As discussed in more detail later, God promises to restore the Church so greatly if we repent that the years of humiliating ruin and punishment will only have caused us to grow in grace, knowledge and blessing.


Unfortunately, neither leader of these two organizations fully lives up to the understanding described above; both fail to follow Mr. Armstrong's teaching in certain areas, most importantly God's government.  Gerald Flurry appointed himself to the office of “that prophet” several years ago, and claims a great volume of end time prophetic understanding not revealed to Mr. Armstrong, significant parts of which conflict with Mr. Armstrong's prophetic doctrine.  Apparently just very recently Mr. Flurry announced he is an apostle as well. David Pack also appointed himself an apostle a few years after founding his small church, and he claims authority superior to the two witnesses (he believes he will train them).


Despite his organization's correct core premise, Gerald Flurry transgresses a principle of Church government often discussed and written about by Mr. Armstrong: persons who are literal prophets have no role in governing God's people or establishing doctrine in the Church age (except for the prophesying aspect of the work of the end time Elijah and the two witnesses).  Mr. Flurry even removed passages to this effect from Mystery of the Ages. Also dismissed is Mr. Armstrong's long-standing teaching that the New Testament phrase “that prophet” does not refer to an end time human servant of God.